I’ll do what I can to keep this short, there’s plenty of other things we both should be doing right now.

If you’re here for the bread pics, and to marvel in some other culinary side projects, I’ve got you covered:

Saturday Bread

And no, I’m not posting pictures of earlier attempts that ended up turning into rocks in the oven.

Okay, just one:

Bread as rock

If you’re here for keeping up with the man Bradlee Speice, got plenty of that too. Plus some up-coming super-nerdy posts about how I’m changing the world.

And if you’re not here for those things: don’t have a lot for you, sorry. But you’re welcome to let me know what needs to change.

I’m looking forward to making this a place to talk about what’s going on in life, I hope you’ll stick it out with me. The best way to follow what’s going on is on my About page, but if you want the joy of clicking links, here’s a few good ones:

Thanks, and keep it amazing.

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